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Created at:23/1/2020

31/1/2020: Someone send me an email asking about what is my opinion on Monethera reply to my research. Monethera reply to my research? No man, they haven’t replied to my research, not even close. Because they have no proof. I mean, they even don’t ask the HK company to get a screenshot about they actually did send some queries about the issue.

And below are my finding of the agreement,

  1. The legal address of RICHLY PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is in Hong Kong, yes just Hong Kong. Which building, Room number? Nope. Why Monethera put their address in agreement but not the HK company?
  2. “It’s representative said that the data is incorrect and promised to fix the issue in the nearest future.” prove me. I can also say my data is correct and your company is about to disappear 🙂

I paid some money to the Companies Registry to get the company address and member of the board of RICHLY PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. Then I can go there to figure it out. 22 HKD for the company info, 11 HKD for the member of the board. An online version, charge every time. ( )

Sorry that the screenshot is in Chinese, it will charge me again for English version. If someone doubts I can get an English one. You can drag the picture in another tab in order to get a closer look. I quote some important things below:

Name of the member of the board: Janis Lainis
Address of the member of the board: Anninmuizas Boulevard 82-77, Riga, LV-1069, Latvia
Passport Number: LV4588320
Issuing country for passport: Latvia

  1. Why a Hong Kong company own by a Latvian?
  2. I will go to the HK company address (Rm 709 Wellborne Commercial Centre 8 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong) to figure it out.

Why Monethera use a lie to cover up the truth instead of taking legal action and clarify that the company was already dissolved?

I’m Paul Chu, a Hong Kong investor, blog owner on this website called .

I find out that there is a huge concern since the collapse of both Kuetzal and Envestio – people start to pay attention in these P2P platforms (I also invested in Envestio, it is so sad that things happen.) And I start to think we should be more cautious and keep watching these P2P platforms. I know there are some bloggers keep doing it and I want to put in some effort also.

Let’s cut the crap and see what I have discovered – today I read a post on, there is a Hong Kong company called RICHLY PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED ( ) offering repayment guarantee for Monethera.

And I go to take a look at this company, first I go to Integrated Companies Registry Information System (ICRIS) ( ) to check the company status since this website is official, established by Companies Registry, which under Hong Kong government. ( ) so the information in ICRIS is up-to-date, accurate and under the Laws of Hong Kong ( ).

Then I was in shock for what I found – the company RICHLY PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED already dissolved!

How to check it:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Unregistered User, the purple button
  3. It will pop up a window, tick the first checkbox and click “Accept, Submit & Login”
  4. Click Search, click Company Name

After that, you can type the company name and search. All companies (no matter private or limited) can check out here.

You will find out that the company RICHLY PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED already dissolved on 07-12-2018, and it is dissolved by Striking Off, after googling it, the words Striking Off mean there have been no annual audits for several years and forces shut down by authorities.

I already send emails to many bloggers who mention the latest status of the current Baltic P2P situation, in order to raise the concern and let their readers know about how Monethera can agree to a company that already dissolved on 07/12/2018 to offering guarantee of repayment?

At last, you may notice that this website is in Traditional Chinese since I am a Hong Kong investor, who occasionally share my review on some Baltics P2P platforms. But if you need my help(like this one, checking a Hong Kong company) or doing some investigation on Hong Kong company. You can contact my email [email protected] to see what I can do.

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